KUN – Centre for Equality and Diversity

KUN Centre for Equality and Diversity (Norway), works to provide knowledge on equality issues and the importance of diversity in the development of today’s society. Our commitment to equality issues includes perspectives on sex, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, and (dis)ability. We have extensive experience in conducting research, running workshops, arranging courses, conferences, and study trips on a broad range of topics.

The essence of our work is to provide perspectives for change, as well as to bridge the gap between research and practice.

CEVAL –  Alto Minho Business Confederation

CEVAL – Alto Minho Business Confederation is a non-profit private association. CEVAL has established itself as a facilitating and participatory agent in the region’s sustainable development process, contributing to the strengthening of business association in Alto Minho and to the innovation of the way it operates. CEVAL is relevant agent in the economic promotion of the region, conceives and combines initiatives for coordination and support to the regional business fabric, and develops the cross-border cooperation at the level of business association.

CMAV  – Municipality of Arcos de Valdevez

The Municipality of Arcos de Valdevez adopts a governance position of leadership, responsibility and commitment, with multiplier effects in terms of investment and the creation of structural and sustainable opportunities for the population. The municipality has the potential and competence to promote increased levels of qualification and employability, as well as the balanced development of the territory, improving people’s quality of life, promoting social inclusion and equal opportunities.

BorgWarner Emissions Systems Portugal

BorgWarner is a global company positioned close to customers throughout the world. With passion and creativity, employees have developed true partnerships with customers and suppliers to gain a deeper understanding of their challenges and find the right solutions. BorgWarner believes in taking responsibility for the communities, investing in education in order to build a strong workforce for the future. Their passion for product leadership drives success in the marketplace, providing meaningful work for employees and sustaining local economies.

Municipality of Monção

The Municipality of Monção’s mission is to define and implement policies, with a view to defending the interests and meeting the needs of the local population. It is responsible for promoting the municipality’s development in all areas of life, such as health, education, social action and housing, environment and basic sanitation, spatial planning and urbanism, transport and communications, public supply, sport and culture, consumer protection and civil protection.

IPVC – Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo

The Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo (IPVC) is a higher education institution, whose mission is based on the harmonious development of the human person, the creation and management of knowledge and culture, research, science, technology and art. The organizational structure integrates six higher education schools distributed throughout the territory of Alto Minho, which facilitates the commitment with the sustainable development of the region and allows proximity between teachers and students in a stimulating relationship for personal and professional training. A Socially Responsible Polytechnic, generator of global knowledge and enhancer of the development of Alto Minho.

Open Space – Training and Enterprise Solutions

“We Build Value!” is Open Space’s mission, which proposes to develop in individuals a set of personal and professional skills, enabling them to be more adaptable to the labour market. It establishes partnerships with companies, providing consulting solutions and adequate training offers. Promotes the development and sustained growth of the economic fabric, in a context of growing competitiveness. Its activity is governed by values such as ethics, competence and professionalism, which are the fundamental pillars for the provision of a service of quality and excellence.

GAF – Family Care Office

Family Service Office (GAF) is a Private Social Solidarity Institution created on 24 May 1994 by the Carmelite Fathers of Viana do Castelo, within the scope of the commemorations of the International Year of the Family. It was created with the aim of enhancing the “family” in its different dimensions and to provide a global and integrated response to the most pressing problems that generate exclusion. Its mission is to develop quality social responses, with a humanist and solidarity spirit, which promote the rights, quality of life, inclusion and citizenship of individuals and families in situations of social and/or economic vulnerability.