Travel Itinerary

Travel Itinerary includes three enriching experiences for organisations, in order to promote their ability to create excellent work environments and to develop their accuracy to detect inequalities, to act and to react more efficiently, becoming more productive and competitive.

These experiences consists of training courses mainly practical and workplaces oriented, including 1) Tools construction; 2)  Equality assessment and plans; and 3) Tailor-made consultancy in plans implementation.

Training course #1 | Creating Tools 

At this first stop, companies are lead to create tools to assess inequalities in their own contexts and they can measure a wide range of dimensions, for instance, gender pay gap, perceptions and practices in work-life balance and its impact in stress levels, gender’s stereotypes and representations, among others.

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Training course #2 | Assessing and Planning 

At this stage, the tools created earlier will be presented and used as support to assessment procedures held by companies. The approach will consider a conceptual frame of gender equality contents and its intersection with other factors and also more specific ones related to workplace issues, such as gender pay gap, work-life balance, gender neutral recruitment and human resources management, under-representation of women in higher positions, etc.

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Tailor-made intervention | Monitoring 

At last stop, the experience will be even more personalized, consisting of individualized technical monitoring for each organisation in the implementation of equality plan.