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Matrix for Inclusive Communication Analysis 

This instrument aims to analyse the quality of communication practices of an organisation regarding the adoption of inclusive, non-discriminatory and gender-sensitive forms of communication. It is based on checking the presence of certain criteria in a sample of organisational documents. It provides two results: one regarding the use or not of inclusive language resources, and the other regarding the content of the communicated messages. It also includes guiding strategies for intervention according to the result achieved.

Attitudes Scale on the Promotion of Equality and Non-Discrimination in Work Contexts

Likert Scale, with 34 items. Distributed over 7 dimensions (eg. strategic vision, human resources, work-life balance, diversity, etc.), the items represent measures to promote equality. They should be scored from 1 to 7, according to the respondent’s level of disagreement or agreement. It provides the results for each dimension of analysis, which should be placed in predefined intervals, in order to identify the corresponding percentile and interpret the value found. According to the result obtained, the scale also points out strategies to guide intervention.

Questionnaire on Equality Practices in Social and Community Intervention

Questionnaire composed of 16 items that represent professional’s behaviours when interacting with others and also their acknowledment of their own practices.

This tool, which can be self-applied by organisations, contributes to assess how communication and professional relationship practices with users/ customers, partner entities and colleagues are conscious and intentional and reflect principles and values of gender equality, inclusion and non-discrimination.

Conflito Trabalho Família em Líderes Empresariais: contributos do projeto bridGEs

XIV Congresso Nacional em Psicologia da Saúde

8, 9 and 10 september 2022, Funchal

Projeto bridGEs na construção de instrumentos para a igualdade de género nas empresas: um guião sobre liderança feminina

X Congresso Brasileiro de Psicologia Organizacional e do Trabalho

6-8 july 2022

Escala de Atitudes face à Promoção de Igualdade e Não Discriminação em Contextos de trabalho: a intervenção do projeto bridGEs

XI Simpósio Nacional de Investigação em Psicologia, UTAD – Vila Real

20-22 june 2022

A formação do projeto bridGEs na prevenção do assédio sexual e moral nos contextos de trabalho

I Conference Education, Gender and Prevention 

24-25 march 2022

Promoting Gender Equality is Promoting Occupational Health: presenting bridGEs projetct

14th European Public Health Conference

10-12 november 2021